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Mobile Lab Premier Breeding Services, LLC features a nationwide mobile laboratory and equine breeding management consultation service. It is owned and operated by Brad Ray, M.S.. Premier Breeding Services specializes in stallion semen cryopreservation and with its mobile laboratory can collect and freeze your stallion's semen on your own farm--eliminating the inconvenience, expense and risk of hauling your stallion to a stationary facility. Your stallion's semen will be collected and frozen by Brad Ray, M.S. personally as experience and training are critical to a successful outcome. 2010 marks his 19th year in stallion semen collection and freezing. Take the time to review the list of just some of the stallions whose owners have benefited from the peace of mind gained from knowing that their stallion's legacy -- and the owner's investment -- is protected for years to come. Mobile Lab

Premier Breeding Services is a complete service which will take the time to work with stallion owners, managers and staff in learning the important handling and management techniques required for the effective use and shipment of frozen semen. Alternatively, the semen can be stored with Ray Stallion Services for a nominal monthly fee and shipped to mare owners at your request. Premier Breeding Services is also available for phone consultation with your clients, if desired. Mobile services are offered from September through mid-January each year. Mobile LabFrom mid-January through August, Brad Ray, M.S. operates Premier Breeding Services, LLC in Kiowa, Colorado where he manages several of the industry's busiest breeding stallions and 300+ mares per season on the farm. As with all mobile laboratories, the semen is for domestic use only (unless the standing facility is a USDA approved export facility). If you have an interest in collecting and freezing semen for international export, this service is available at the farm.

Mobile LabPremier Breeding Services also offers onsite consultation services for farm owners interested in setting up a breeding laboratory and stallion collection area on their farm. We can also train you and your staff in semen collection, evaluation, and shipping procedures.

Please contact Premier Breeding Services using the above contact link or by phone at 719-240-1598 (cell). From mid-January through August, Brad can be contacted at the lab at 303-681-9717.


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